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The Dutch Type revival was supported by around 700 backers. The campaign’s success incited Jan to print a serious run — which turned out to be a bit too many. The 2004 price, which was not raised, now seemed kinda expensive to many. Under the corona crisis, the sales stalled. So, two years after the campaign, we reduced the price drastically to make the book more affordable & accessible. It worked and Dutch Type started selling again. A new opportunity to acquire the book which, according to FontShop founder Erik Spierkermann, is …

“…The best book about any type anywhere, ever.”

Dutch Type at the new price

  • Online international

    Deutschland | Germany

    • Berlin: Im schönen Laden oder direkt per E-Mail bei Bücherbogen, Berlin; Spiekermann’s Werkstatt–Galerie p98a und in Eriks neuem Design-Bookshop Analog daneben.

    Nederland | Netherlands

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    België | Belgique | Belgium

    United Kingdom

    • Any city: Order at your bookshop, and let them know the distributor is Idea Books

    Sverige | Sweden

    Latvija | Latvia | Lettland

    Schweiz | Switzerland

    United States

    Rest of the World

    Find a bookshop in your country here (this list focuses on the country you’re in, or the nearest country where Idea Books has recruited a Dutch Type stockist).

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    Nederland, Vlaanderen

    • Het boek is verkrijgbaar bij het Centraal Boekhuis en via Idea Books. Druk Editions wordt vertegenwoordigd door De Vrije Uitgevers.


    Europe, United Kingdom, North & Latin America, Asia, Australia

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