The Ietswaart project

Some of you have been waiting for some time for the Ietswaart monograph. Medical and personal complications have made the appearance of this work less logic. The Wandering Dutchman has become a difficult subject for various reasons. Jan Middendorp may refer to the context of these complications somewhere else. If not, please trust us: we worked hard to make keep the publication alive in these complex times, but that did not do. Many thanks to Catherine Dal and Peter De Roy. Warm greetings to Anna Ietswaart.

Design and production: Jan Middendorp, Anthony Noel
Fonts: Balduina Candida by Boudewijn Ietswaart and Cìrculo de Tipògrafos, IBM Plex by Bold Monday and Mike Abbink, and Fresco Sans by Fred Smeijers. Headline: Balduina Real and Balduina Candida